Could you help me get this tracking anklet off? (schrodingersbat) wrote in arighetti_fans,
Could you help me get this tracking anklet off?

Events & photoshoots

First of all, because school was kicking my butt I missed Amanda's birthday on April 4th. Happy belated birthday, Amanda Righetti!

Now, the photos:

"The Kennedys" World Premiere - March 28, 2011


You can find more at Wim Heitinga's Celebrities Blog and

One new picture:


And a lot of new photos from old photoshoots have been added to

A lot. And a lot of them are watermarked :(

Go here to see them all, but I think you need to be a member to be able to click on them and see them in hi-resolution. If anyone wants me to post some of the hi-res versions just let me know!

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